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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


the olympics have a lot resting on them.

you have the expectation that is being heaped on the competitors, we are expecting a large haul of medals (in the parlance we want them to 'medal') and given we are funding them - we deserve to see some bang for our bucks.

you have the concern that the olympic park will function as promised. that it will provide a suitable and effective venue for sport and for viewing sports (it will also be a place to siphon money out of your pocket: how much for a cup? too much).
will all the tickets be sold? (pretty much - and we can bet that most of the empty seats will belong to the members of  the 'oympic family' or corporate bodies who just can't be asked to turn up or don't want to leave the confines of the hospitality tent. 

you have the worry about the london infrastructure being able to cope with the anticipated hoardes of tourists and sports fans. will heathrow be able to manage all these people? will the tube? will bob crow throw a hissy and blame 'bullying' bosses (answer: yes). will the, so called, zil lanes have a disastrous effect on london's businesses? will andrew lloyd-weber's nightmare of no one going to the theatre during the olympics come true?

the olympics will be a glorious event - they always are, there will be some problmes - there always are, there will be some dark sides to it again nothing new there.
the difference is this time it is happening in our backyard. that brings with it a whole new level of excitement and it will bring with it a whole new level of whinging.

ever since london won the bid there has been the worry of a terrorist attack. so much so that all branches of the armed forces are on stand-by (well those that are left after the con/dems have wielded their axe. we are expecting to have a missile battery on top of one of the local tower blocks - just in case.
so an attack has been thought likely and the various measures to avoid, prevent or repel it have been put into place.
sensible stuff you would think.

not to some - all of this just proves that the illuminati are out there and they are telling their friends that there is going to be an attack in london during the olympics in order to help bring about the new world order.
what proof have they? well the floodlights are in a triangular shape and the iluminati like triangles. the olympic mascots only have one eye - another trope of the elite, the 2012 logo is really 'zion'.
seriously what more proof do you need.
just to make sure you can't take this seriously there was a clue to what is going to happen in the movie '2012' when the hero of the film finds and opens a london tube map even though it isn't the map he wants, nor does it have much reason to be where it is.
evidence you can't refute.

the  conspiracy theorists have taken over the olympics.
i think i preferred it when it was just whingers who hate the games because they didn't get a ticket to see mr. bolt run.

enjoy the video - it is an eye opener (see what i did there).

in case you are wondering - it is all pretty much bollocks.
(though i have my fingers crossed when i say that.)

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