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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


kwasi kwarteng, conservative mp for spelthorne, writing in the evening standard was writing about a play he had recently seen at the domaar theatre and that as it was about kingship, high politics and revenge it was very apt for the current political climate. he described it as 'all very shakespearean in its grandeur'. which shouldn't have come as a surprise to mr. kwarteng as the play he had been to was 'richard II' by er.. william shakespeare. judging by this it is doubtful i would ever consult mr. kwarteng on cultural matters - unless i wanted the bleeding obvious stated to me. it is when he leaves the artistic critic behind and returns to political ground that i can't help feel that the man knows his apples, unlike many in the conservative party. he freely admits that the conservative party should remember that it didn't win the general election and it is only in power because of the liberal democrats. he also makes an argument that the internal bickering that seems to have taken over the tory party needs to stop and that they should all start working together (and it is nice to see that even the tories have decide we are all in it together is just waffle) and 'march all one way' (he cleverly quotes the bard in all his shakespearean glory). he plea is a correct one. as someone who dislikes the tories i can only hope that his fellow mps ignore him and come the next election we will succeed where lady macbeth didn't and get rid of the black spot that is the tories (yeah i know it is a different play).

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