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Friday, November 12, 2010


she has been compared to nelson mandela.
the people of burma refer to her as 'the lady'.
she has been under house arrest for most of the last 20 years.
some see her as the mother of burmese democracy.
a nobel peace prize winner. extolling the virtue of peaceful protest.
some have argued that her strong principles have hindered the democratic process, others have said that by her unwavering stance she has denied legitimacy to the military leaders.
it is possible that tomorrow (saturday) that aung san suu kyi will be released from her house arrest, if only for a short time until the government can trump up more charges against her.
aung san suu kyi's freedom is a thing to be celebrated - it will bring hope to the burmese people and it may also bring hope to all those people around the world who are also engaged in peaceful struggle (please take note students).

while all of this is of international significance, and given all her virtues of strength, principle and integrity more inportantly is that aung san suu kyi is a total hottie. i admit that her babeliciousness probably isn't high on the list of reasons to free her, but i am just saying it should be.

is that so wrong?

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