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Monday, November 01, 2010


who would have thought it: britain and france to sign a defence accord that heralds greater military cooperation between them. perhaps to the extent that that they will be deployed as a single force at certain times.
it makes sense on several levels: there will be financial benefits from it, both countries spend more on defence than other european countries, both are nuclear powers and both sit on the un security council.
so it makes practical sense.
there are obvious practical issues – one just has to look at the question of iraq to see what they might be. indeed some have said that such a deal between britain and france might disturb the relationship between britain and the usa – what a shame that would be.
what makes this very odd is that it is happening under david cameron. i am sure more than a few conservatives are having hissyfits, bad enough talking about having the euro here, but teaming up with the french?
crikey mrs. thatcher would be spinning in her grave if the old bat would just hurry up and die.

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