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Thursday, November 18, 2010


"so called recession"
"never had it so good"
"but these are people who think they have a right for the state to support them."

so says lord young of graffham. lord young is not part of the government, though he is an adviser to david cameron. he is entitled to his opinion, and thanks to the daily telegraph we are all aware of his opinion. guess what a lot of people are not happy with his opinion.
including the conservative party who, it seems, have encouraged lord young to issue a very full apology.

the problem is lord young has pretty much let the cat out of the bag: for a certain type of conservative, they don't care. they have never cared and they will never care.

david cameron is thinking that he might ask the good lord to change his name to lord young of gaffham, and hoping that the next time he opens his mouth he doesn't stick his foot in it.

meanwhile nick clegg has his head in his hands and is sobbing in a dark room.

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