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Friday, November 19, 2010


the 'star wars' missle defence concept so beloved of the american's has come a step closer. today nato announced the creation of a missle defence shield that will cover all nato members (and maybe russia, if they want).
"it offers a role for all of our allies. it responds to the threats of our times," president obama said.
it will be interesting to see how big a role the allies get when it comes to building it, or will the main role be to pay for it. of course the main role for the european allies is to be the first target in any attack against said missle defence - europe is the united states shield.
threats of our time? guess that means north korea and iran, maybe just maybe pakistan and china. natually enough the missle defence shield will be pretty useless against two very serious threats of our times: cyber attacks and terrorism. the usa might like to launch a missle or two at bin laden, but they don't know where he is and the next time irish republican dissidents decide they are going to threaten the british mainline that missle defence shield is going to be of great use.

european missle defence shield: america's first line of defence.

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