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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


two big announcements today - both will bring happiness to the multitudes.
first you have the future wedding of willy and kate.
then you have the beatles on i-tunes.
truly today is fucking wonderful.

this is just what cameron wanted when he announced that the government is about to try to measure happiness. david cameron says that happiness is more than just money, it is things such as the arts, the local community, sports and thinking happy thoughts.

"We should be thinking not just what is good for putting money in people's pockets but what is good for putting joy in people's hearts." says david cameron. 

a couple of things come out of this. 
one putting joy in people's heart, is probably seen by cameron and the paternalistic con/dems as being cheap. 
two that if you are a millionaire you probably don't worry about money that much. 
and finally talking about making people happy might be a little easier if you weren't cutting public services, cutting funds to artistic organisations, to educational establishments. 

still a smile doesn't cost, but sometimes it really is all about the economy, stupid!

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