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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


there is a reason for why apple are so hot.
for some it might be because they make good solid pieces of technology.
for some it might be because they use a fantastic design ethos.
for some it might be because they have a stable easy to use operating software.

it may be all of those things. it might be none of them.

i give you one good reason: iphone.
not the thing itself, the name, the idea.
iphone - simple snappy tells you exactly what it is while at the same time making it nice and friendly as it it were a part of you, your pal.
yes your pal the iphone.

then i give you the microsoft windows 7 phone.
not simple, not snappy, though it does tell you exactly what it does and is: a phone. it is not an experience, it is not an object of love and desire.

and that is why apple are loved above all others.

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