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Thursday, October 21, 2010


constants in the world - my hate of tories and the tax payers alliance. i still don't understand why the bbc give the tax payers alliance the time of day on any of their stations.

why do companies like adidas run advertising campaigns banging on about originality where everyone ends up wearing the same clobber as everyone else. that is not original that is just herd mentality. i am sure that becks, methodman et al are all originals in what they do, but dressing like each other just shows that they are brand whores who will dress the same as their peers because they don't want to be sneered at. 
oh sorry that was the point of the advert. 
as you were.

why am i shit at suduko? just never seem to be able to complete it - even the ones in 'the sun', i am over the moon when i get a few numbers in the ones that appear in 'the guardian'. i am even worse at crosswords, though i am very good at cross words (see what i did there? you don't? well fuck off then you nay sayer).

if an apology is good enough for members of parliament and the house of lords why isn't it good enough for benefit cheats?

lidl advert in the paper today loads of pictures of cheap grub and booze - all makes sense christmas is coming, time to stock up. oh and in the corner there is today's special offer: a set of sporting long johns. perfect match.

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