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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i love my laptop, even more so in the winter months when it helps keep me warm.
so i can sympathise with the swedish professor who had his laptop stolen.
turns out it wasn't so much the laptop he was upset at losing it was the 10-years of work that was stored on the laptop's hard drive.
sad story.
hold the kleenex.
happy (ish) ending coming up.
several days after the thefy the professor recieved a usb stick in the post with all the contents of the drive copied onto it.
altogether now: aaaah!
of this the professor said: "this story makes me feel hope for humanity."
gosh stop it professor i am welling up here.
while the professor waxes lyrical about the nobility of the human soul he could stop awhile and ponder the practicalities of backing up his work. it is not that hard to do, after all if a common thief (but not a petty one, a petty one would have kept the work) can go out get a usb stick, transfer and save the work you just have to wonder what was the prof's problem with doing it? laziness? too practical for him? we shall never know.

still i bet he is a relieved man - no more sniggers as he walks into the staffroom as people nudge each other and say: "he lost 10 years of work ....".

so remember - always back up that important work as you never know when someone is going to pinch your laptop.

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