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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i am just at a loss for words.
just have nothing much to say and for the moment nothing interesting at all.
very odd.
even the talk radio station i am listening to isn't spurring me on, isn't getting me angry (although the bloke telling me that teaching is the hardest job in the world is coming close.. sorry emma) so there isn't anything to moan or whinge about.

nor can i think of a witty (nothing new there) or uplifting story to impart. no lessons to be taught, no words of wisdom to share, no morals to pass on. in fact quite dull.

not even the non-story in the daily mail about pointless words being added to the latest collins dictionary can get me worked up. so what if 'simples' has been added to the dictionary (and in case you didn't know it means 'easy to do', a little like simple really), or 'fauxmance' (fake realtionships between celebrities). it seems that any old tat word or phrase that appears on tv is destined to be in the dictionary.
(oh wow just had a great idea for a really dull book that will sell oodles for christmas 2011 - publishers out there feel free to contact me.)

so pretty much nothing to say.
off to have another coffee.

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