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Thursday, May 23, 2013


how it works

one of the joys of being unemployed is the chance to go to visit all the wonderful organisations and schemes that are there to help the unemployed. to sup at their cup of hope and opportunity.

maybe it is the company who proclaims that they are producing 300 qualified security guards a month.
they are just one of many companies who are doing exactly the same. so maybe 30,000 plus security guards a year being popped out.
who knew there was that much that needed to be guarded.

maybe it is the company who is looking to recruit staff to provide back office talent for local councils.
local councils who are laying off people in order that they can employ the back office staff that is being offered by the company (a company that more than lilely is getting a government grant to encourage them to find employment for the long term unemployed).
a company that will stand up in front of a room full of the unemployed and boast about how they are in a long term arrangement with the local council that has the aim to get 250 people into employment in a seven year period (approximately 3 people a month).

talk about setting the bar low.

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