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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


it has gone on far too long now

the year is almost half way done. days pass by. months change.
one thing seems to remain constant - james patterson has had a paperback and a hardcover on the sainsbury's bestsellers shelves.
it is unbelievable that he can be so popular and so bad at the same time.
i would like to put his terrible writing down to his profligacy but he was bad when he was just writing a few books a year - now he is doing a book a month he is just very bad.

patterson is the proof positive that you don't have to be good or talented to succeed - but what you do have to be is dedicated and work at it.

on the subject of bad writers the new dan brown book has been released.
now like a good many other people i have read 'the da vinci code'. it is not a great book but it is a page turner. in it brown had mastered the technique of short sharp chapters that kept the reader wanting to know more. it was a page turner.
you only begin to appreciate brown's skill when you read a few of the 'da vinci code' wannabes (and there are a fair few of them). it theory it should be an easy formula to follow: a mystery, someone to solve/uncover the mystery, someone to oppose the revelation of the mystery and someone trying to usurp the mystery - chuck in several exotic locations, a few action set pieces and bob's your uncle mass market bestsellordom here you come. yet none of them seem to be able to match brown's work for pace, plotting and excitement.
so hats off to dan.
funny thing is though as soon as his new book, 'inferno', is out there are a whole slew of journalists 'reviewing' the book and all of them, sneeringly declaring it crap. personally i think they are all caught in the clutch of the green eyed monster.
not that dan brown cares as he laughs all the way to the bank.

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