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Monday, May 27, 2013


how it works (a continuing tale)

this is how it works (or how it doesn't really work, but it is how it is done).

i am unemployed.
i go and sign on.
signing on is not a joyous occasion.

i am long term unemployed.
the jobcentre isn't really there to help me (it could be argued it isn't there to help anyone).
they fob me off (though they would say 'refer') to a, one of many, private organisation who will make the unemployed employable.

that company it seems has taken on a lot of the unemployed so many in fact that they are sub contracting some of the unemployed (me included) to another company.

this company has employed another company (who are being paid by another government body) to come in and pass on their words of wisdom.
this company is also bringing yet another company to pass on yet more (and potentially conflicting) words of wisdom.

so that's at least four companies that are making some money off of my unemployment.

i wish i could get a slice of that cake for me.

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