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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


right leg out, right arm out

i can't claim to have a firm view on europe.
in all honesty my thinking on europe is governed by very few facts and lots of emotion and supposition on my part.

i don't believe in the european project.
i don't believe it can work: too many diverse cultures who all value slightly different things. more power to us all for being different.
it is not even like the various european countries even like each other, after all just when i start warming to the welsh the buggers go and rob us of the grand slam.

i am not sure that political union works because it is hard enough to get the electorate to vote now but expecting accountability for a government that sits across the channel is a step too far.

so far so ukip.

but that is the problem - i don't believe the european project can work that doesn't mean to say that i am against it.
see my confusion.
my contradiction.

the real problem for most of us is that we just don't know enough about it to make a fair and informed judgement. we are trapped by having to listen to a biased press that swings in the wind of changes and self interest (recently rupert murdoch was reported as being against ukip's immigration policies - when really what this means is he is against a ban against immigration that stops him bringing in key foreign members of staff to his british operation - but don't expect the sun newspaper to be even handed with it's coverage of the immigration debate when it comes to east europeans).

yet at the moment if asked how i was going to vote then i can only say i would vote to stay involved with europe.

why? how? i can hear you asking. after all you have said and all that how can you stay in europe.

the simple answer is: michael gove. he is against europe.

michael gove wants to get out of europe - for me that can only be taken as a sign that we need to stay in europe.

a big thanks to mr. gove (and a few others) for helping me to make my decision.

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