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Monday, October 29, 2012


apple have been in the news quite a bit recently.

poor mapping tool.
iphone 5 not being a big new game changer (it's a phone for fuck sake what to do people want it to do?)
ipad (the new one that is 3 but isn't numbered) about to be replaced by a new ipad that is the 4th one but will be called ipad 3 - go figure.
the mini ipad.
the hoohah about labour issues in its chinese factories (because all the other tech companies are using labour that is paid western living wages (but regardless of the stories of the long hours and low pay that chinese workers get the conservatives are saying british workers and companies need to be more like the chinese - yet it takes 'plebgate' to wake people up to the fact that the tories are not singing from the same hymn sheet as the rest of us).
not paying full taxes in the uk.

now they are changing their management team. shaking it up.
one of the reasons that they are doing this is because of their disappointing 4th quarter profits.
their numbers fell short of what analysts were expecting - given that most financial analysts just guess and constantly prove that all they do is pick numbers from a hat this shouldn't be surprising. yet people seem to take what they say as gospel.

remember most of the western world is in recession.
remember apple products are generally at a premium price.

apples 4th quarter profits were: $8.2bn (£5bn). yes that is right five billion pound. five fucking billion pound.
that is a disappointing £5bn.
to be honest with you i wouldn't get out of bed for £5bn a quarter.
just what planet are people on when that is a disappointing amount of profit to be making.

in that 4th quarter they just managed to shift 14 million ipads and even that wasn't what the analysts were expecting (or wanting). so that was disappointing.

it maybe that (and here i might be a tad cynical) that the so called exert analysts are calling it disappointing because they read the numbers wrong and have given their investors false and over inflated information with which to buy stock on. meaning that while apple have turned in pretty good numbers for most people living in the real world - for those living in the financial world they are 'disappointing'.

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