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Friday, October 05, 2012


so dr. no, as a movie, is 50-years old today.
makes me feel very old.

my reading habits were formed at a pretty early age. i went from the 'janet and john' books to enid blyton's 'famous five' and 'secret seven' books. sure there were other children's books i read: i have fond memories of a collection of hardcover books (each would have a list of the other books available and all numbered - maybe the genesis of my collecting habit) that included stories such as 'black beauty' 'treasure island' and others.

i am sure i would have explored many more children's books except for the discovery of a few of my parent's paperbacks. one of them was an ian fleming's james bond (the other was an ed mcbain 87th precinct story).
pretty much from that moment on my love of genre fiction was set.
(that i had also discovered comics was also a big help.)

so james bond was at the start of my love of thriller and action fiction.

007 soon became one of my favourite film heroes as well.
i would go to the cinema and see double bills of 'thunderball' and 'goldfinger' or 'dr. no' and 'from russia with love'.
the first new bond film i saw was 'diamonds are forever'. i saw it northfield's odeon during a school holiday. i didn't just see it once, i saw it multiple times and i loved it every time.

james bond has been a big part of my cultural life and has helped shape much of what i now read and watch. i have enjoyed reading the books and watching the films. even the radio adaptations have thrilled and entertained.

a big happy 50th to bond, james bond. long may he entertain

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