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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


the greatest show in town is over.
the signs and banners have been taken down.
wenlocks and mandevilles have been removed.
the parade has been and gone.
the talk is all about legacy.

the winners are proud of their gold medals. for the moment the spotlight is theirs. in a few weeks they will be forgotten.
the two people who come out of this with big shit eating grins on their faces are seb coe and boris johnson. coe wants to become the head of the international olympic committee. while he denies it boris wants to become the leader of the conservative party and by dint of that become the prime minister.
boris as prime minister: scary.

grace dent in the independent says this of  him: “he’s a politician for people who don’t like or understand politics or policies”

david cameron hoped to get a political bounce from the olympics. what he got was splashback from the omnishambles (a clusterfuck that keeps on giving) culminating in the roars of disapproval that george osborne received as he presented medals at the paralympics.

it must have been galling to him that as the olympics went on steamrollering cynicism in front of it with both the success of the british athletes and the sheer elan of the games themselves that all the glory fell on boris.
boris got the bounce and then some.
a couple of polls now put boris as being the politician of the moment – the man who could save the conservative party and get them elected into power at the next election.  of course for that to happen it means cameron has to go.
in an act of payback for the leveson inquiry several of the newspapers have gotten behind this story.

it’ll make for an interesting conservative conference.

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