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Sunday, October 28, 2012


the rallying cry of the con/dems is that we are all in it together.
it is all about strivers and doers.

nowhere is this better demonstrated when it comes to people paying their way. the bad people on benefits taking money for nothing – those terrible shirkers, they need to be named, shamed and punished. i mean what are they doing having kids? or living in houses? the cheek of it. (it doesn’t matter that an awful lot of people claiming benefits are working).
too many of them expect something for nothing, believing they are entitled to handouts.

mind you over in the world of corporate finances it looks like one or two very large companies are not paying their way. they are playing the system to make sure that they pay as little tax as possible. for shame! not so much outrage from the political class, not even indignation. just a resigned shrug of the shoulders and a wry smile ‘those pesky wealth creators they are just kidders’.

playing the system is fine if you are starbucks (we haven’t made a profit in the uk for years…) or ebay, or amazon, or apple or anyone of a number of companies you get to slide by that tax payment.
you happen to be out of work and on jobseekers well you are just scum of the earth.

then it struck me that the whole reason the con/dems are so keen on cutting benefits to as many people as possible (as long as they are already poor to start with) is that the money saved on paying the benefits makes up the shortfall from those tax shirking companies.

see we are all in it together – so those on benefits who are having to make hard choices between food and bills can rest easy now because they can bask in the warm glow of knowing that they are helping big companies cut down on their tax bills.

caring compassionate conservatism at work.

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