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Sunday, October 28, 2012


you may remember that i am not a fan of x-mas.
the months long spending frenzy leaves me cold.

one of the sure signs that x-mas period is upon us can be seen by the increasing numbers of certain types of books that are published.
oh look here is a raft load of cooking books. don't own one. doubt i will ever use one.
check out the plethora of biographies of sort of famous people who haven't really done much with their lives. the numbers of these books only matched by the numbers of truly unfunny comedy books - all guaranteed to have you scratching your head wonder what the joke is?

these are the books that the ebook was designed for: no trees needed to be sacrificed in order that be published. i am sure there are one or two interesting books among them, but who wants to dip their toes into the reeking sewer of smug celebs and punchline free jokes?

talking of books that defy all reason but still get published there seem to have been at least four james patterson books published in the last month. who is buying this stuff - he is easily one of the worst authors i have ever read (ok i haven't read jeffery arher or jackie collins so there is a chance i am doing mr. patterson a disservice; i doubt it).
whoever it is who is buying his books just stop. think of the environment. 

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