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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


you won't often hear me praise rupert murdoch - but i have to tip my hat to the dirty digger. why? i just love the way he has turned on david cameron and his pals. it wasn't so long ago that mr. murdoch and his papers were stocking the boot into the labour party and gordon brown. the financial crisis was the result of labour's profligacy. once labour were ousted and the cod/dems in the financial crisis was a global crisis. odd that. the sun, news of the world and the times were supportive of the austerity programme of the con/dems. then: ooooops one of the organs of news international is implicated in the phone hacking scandal - but it is only celebrities; who cares? then the milly dowler revelation and the shit hit the fan. the news of the world is closed down and everyone hates the murdochs and news international. david cameron sets up the leveson inquiry and news international is dragged over the coals. it is hard to have sympathy for rupert murdoch and co. after all it isn't like they were innocent of wrongdoing. not that it seems that rupert would agree with that, not does it seem as if he sees any reason for something like the leveson inquiry. while he can't escape or ignore the inquiry what he can do is turn his news empire against david cameron and friends. and that is exactly what he has done. as if that wasn't enough it seems that the sun and the times have been helped by a few weeks of sloppy shoddy government from the con/dems: a bad budget, the worry of a potential fuel strike are a couple of examples that spring to mind. it is not enough. in last week's sun on sunday - they carried a piece about how george osborne's dad had committed a gaffe. sir peter osborne, who is a very wealthy man and the owner of a successful posh business, had said in an interview that he loved saville row suits and how he has wanted to buy a desk for £19,000 but has decided against it because he couldn't afford it. this is shown to be an example of how we are not 'in it together' (because the sun has only noticed this). so sir peter's spending habits (the rich spending money being something that the sun quite often likes to feature regularly). on the one hand it is a pathetic attack on con/dems - after all sir peter isn't an elected politician and what he spends his money on is up to him. using his wealth as a means to attack george osborne for his reducing the top rate of tax, as if the only reason he did it was so his dad could buy a few more suits, is a bit shallow. (it is also an odd line of attack for the sun to take as it is the sort of policy they had been saying had been necessary - i imagine that those rather high earners who are the movers and shakers at the sun - will be instructing their accountants to make sure that they keep paying the old rate of tax. yeah right). on the other hand the attack is a work of genius. the sun gets to show the tories in a very bad light and without having to do much work. it seems from a distance that rupert murdoch is just as petty as i am. the difference being is that mr. murdoch gets to act on his petty emotions in such a way that a country gets to read his attacks. for the moment i am prepared to ignore the fact that mr. murdoch is far too powerful. i am just sitting back and enjoying his attacks on david cameron and his pals. now i am just hoping they will start on boris as well.

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