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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i have said it before: i don't like bob crow, general secretary of the rail, maritime and transport workers union (rmt), but if i were to be a position to choose to be in a union then it would be the combative rmt as lead by bob crow. hey, no one said life was simple. bob comes across as a hard man of politics, a fighter for the international overthrow of capitalism and staunch defender of workers rights (so what if he gets paid a whopping great big salary and lives in a large subsidised house - these are just the contradictions that are part of capitalism and will disappear in the socialist paradise. maybe). bob doesn't look the sort of bloke you'd want to go out with for a drink and a laugh, unless it was a quip or two about the falling rate of profit and asking why the socialist chicken crossed the road? (progress). if there is a saving grace to bob crow it is that it appears he is no fan of boris johnson. some of boris' supporters in the 'back boris 2012' campaign have put up a website called 'not ken again' and have released a poster of the same name. bob crow is not happy. if bob's not happy then the rmt move into action and have started a legal case to sue boris johnson for defamation. why? because, the rmt claims, the poster portrays bob crow as 'as being part of a culture of political immorality and as having caused serious harm to the interests of people in london.' i have no idea if bob crow is any more or any less politically immoral than boris, ken or brian. the sad truth of the matter seems to be that once you are in power (of any kind) some shit will stick to you. as for the second claim i am guessing that if you asked any of the commuters who are adversely affected by the strikes that bob crow calls they might be happy to use the phrase 'serious harm'. the offending poster is below. me? i found it quite funny.
according to the bbc ken livingstone had initially declined to comment on it, but is now saying that the boris's scare tactics are blowing up in his face. boris and co have said of the action by the rmt; that they were not aware that bob crow was such a delicate flower. the irony is that no matter who wins - bob crow will still be there and will still be the man to deal with, that alone makes ken a better man for the job than boris.

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