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Sunday, April 01, 2012


this has probably been the longest period of time in which i haven't bought a book. i am quite proud of myself. it isn't that i need any more books. it is just that i love books. i love buying books. l love buying books even when i know i will probably not even read the books. it is not the reading that matters it is the having. i know i know i need help. having no cash is helping. the only problem is i keep going into places where books are sold just to have a look at the books. sometimes there are new ones that i want. sometimes i am just shocked that there is yet another james patterson book out, or that there is yet another da vinci code knock-off, they seem to be as virulent as chic-lit books. the most depressing part of wanting to buy books is how bad and dull modern bookcovers have become. gone are the glory days of my youth. instead of glorious art that sparked the imagination now there is just a series of stock photos that form a bland collection of 'me too' forgettable covers. not that the less than inspiring modern book packaging stops me from wanting to buy more books. i am sure there is a self help group i can go to.

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