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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


the democratic process is fraught with difficulties.
sometimes you are confronted with a choice not of who you want, but of who you don't want. that is pretty much the case for me with the forthcoming london mayoral elections. it isn't that i think ken livingstone is bad - i just think that we should have had another choice, i would have preferred that oona king had gotten the labour nomination. i am sure ken means well, he talks a good game. but, and there is always a but, he hasn't always been the 'great man' he sometimes portrays himself as. the recent hoohah about the rate of tax he was paying being a case in point. yet none of that matters because ken has one major thing in his favour, well two really, he isn't a conservative and he isn't boris. so ken gets my vote because i don't want a tory in charge of london and i don't want boris in charge either. ken gets the nod by default. though he isn't making it easy for me as i read of how he broke down in tears at his recently launched party political broadcast - in which a number of londoners encourage ken to win it for london. mr. livingstone describes it as a 'tearjecker', given how many times he must have seen the film before it was released you have to wonder at how much he blubbed at his first viewing. i blame the x-factor for all this crying lark. at least he hasn't been reported as describing it as being a journey. personally when i read of ken's tears i was torn between a belly laugh and a quick vomit. on one fact ken is right, amd it applies to whoever gets the nod to be the london mayor “it’s a huge responsibility to make people’s lives better over the next four years and that’s why i want
to win.”

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