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Saturday, January 21, 2012


newt gingrich. why?
looking like he is going to become the next republican candidate for the presidency.
the one positive of that is that it should mean that barack obama will get a second term. the downside of that is that barack obama will get a second term - hey the man doesn't like the english, i can return the favour.

oddly both are good outcomes for the british government - now we can move away from the 'special relationship', especially where it relates to anything to do with the military. we can stop being a nuclear power - think of the money that would save and that could be used elsewhere.
the empire has gone.
time to move on.
let the usa's new friends back them up when they want to go off and play the world's policeman. we don't get any thanks when we do it and we can't afford it.

so whoever becomes the president - now might be the time to stop being so keen to sup at the usa's table.

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