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Monday, January 16, 2012


i never wanted the olympics in london.
why? i can hear you asking. the simple reason is i believe all major global sporting events should be played in different time zones so you have to make an effort to watch them.
it was only when it became london against paris that i changed my mind.
of course i have reason to dislike the whole thing as it cost me my job and the buggers never employed me. (what me bitter)?

anyway that was then.
this is now.
just over 190 days until the games start.
from what i can make out they have got pretty much all the stadia built on time. which alone deserves a big round of applause, but in this day and age that isn't what we want to do, what we want to do is find some reason to bitch and moan.

the stories that have popped up recently about the london oylmpics have included the problem with traffic. this may be a big problem with the 'olympic route' being designed to ferry olympic officials from plush central london hotels to the games in the east end of london (quite why the organisers have to stay in the centre of london is anyone's guess; the answer is probably to do with being smug self-important bastards).
one of the problems of the route is that they are not going to test it out until very close to the opening ceremony so it won't give drivers much time to get used to it.
i would say catch the 25 bus to the games but thanks to boris there is less capacity on them. still there is a nice tube station right on the doorstep of the games and a couple more within walking distance.

the two stories that i have chuckled over today have been the one about pollution. apparently london's pollution is the worst in europe and that will have an adverse effect on the athletes.
some of them may not have the performances they expect and this, they can now claim, will be down to the pollution.
i wouldn't mind if no other sport ever took place in london - it is not like there are several professional football, rugby and cricket teams in the capital. it is not like there are athletic meets taking place throughout the capital. let's forget that the london marathon takes place, or for that matter the triathlon events.
it must be that they are expecting olympic sized special weather.
given that weather forecasters are about as accurate and economic forecasters perhaps we will take their concerns with a pinch of salt.

not to be outdone there is a report that mass gathering risks disease spreading. not only that but there are problems when it comes to dealing and controlling large numbers of people. this is news how?
common sense really.
it also seems a bit redundant bringing this up now. it is not as if this is the first large scale global sporting event ever to happen nor is it the first large scale gathering of people.
crikey we have even had such large scale events in london, if you can believe that!

whatever your opinion on the olympics is the games are almost upon us why not just enjoy them for what they are, at least for now.
remember we still have 190 days, or so, for bob crow to spoil them with talks of strikes and such like.

i'm even prepared to forgive boris, in advance, for mugging it up and taking credit for the whole thing.
i think that is mighty generous of me.

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