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Monday, January 02, 2012


the annual tradition of public transport fares rising has come to pass. funny i remember how we were told that public transport being in the hands of private companies would bring in more competition and the usual combination of efficency and lower prices. oh we wish.
for some the prices rises are as high as 11%
for some the tube has become a luxury, leaving the bus as the only method of transport to get to work.

don't worry though david cameron has told us that he 'gets it' that it is hard and that many of us are worrying about finding work and paying the bills. he 'gets it'.
he gets it to the extent that he knows that some schools are not working hard enough to educate their charges, he understands that some hospitals are not clean enough, he understands that the police are not catching enough criminals.
don't worry he 'gets it'.

that is why there will be cuts in services.

see it all adds up.
sort of.

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