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Friday, January 27, 2012


i am not normally one for celebrity gossip.
there are two reasons for this - most of the celebs that covered mean diddly squat to me and on the rare occasion when someone i like, admire or respect is in the news i generally skip over it because quite often the reason i like, admire and respect them has little to do with them as people.
i suppose i don't want my heroes tarnished.

but there are times when i can't help it and i cave in and read a bit of gossip.

i can only confess that my interest in demi moore is two-fold she is a bit of a hottie and she has a bruce willis connection.

the bbc are carrying a story about the 911 call that a friend of demi moore made when she collapsed after 'smoking something'.

in the uk at the moment there is leveson inquiry going on about the press invasion of privacy into the lives, mostly of, celebs (and if we are honest people didn't give a toss about it until the milly dowler revelations). their complaints stem around the amount of personal, and often private, information that the press prints.
can't say i blame them - just because you have made a tv series or have appeared in a movie i doesn't mean that the public have a right to know what the results of your last medical check-up were.

imagine what poor old demi must be going through.
not only does everyone know she has had to go to hospital but the public also get to hear the 911 call. why? what good does it do.

then i thought what a geat business idea.
a best of celebrity 911 calls - all your faves on one cd - tiger, mel, demi and many others.
it will be a christmas hit.
k-tel where are you when i need you.

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