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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


how it works

so my work programme providers have shunted me off to another company to do the providing.
this is the private sector making work for the private sector.
capitalism in full flow.
yeah baby.

keynes would call it the multiplier effect.
oddly this idea of sinking public money into large scale state style projects is not something that this current crop of tories are really known for. this lot are very keen on completing the thatcher mission of  a much smaller state. (though it needs to be said a smaller state for can and co means making sure some of their rich chums get richer off the misery of the poor).

perhaps the point of the big society was to take tasks and duties of the state and 'sell' them on to private companies to do (at a cheaper price than the existing public organisations could do it, but while making a profit (can you see the circle to be squared?)

so company a have outsourced me to company b.
there are some nice people at company b.
when i started there were a fair few of them working there.
recently (say 10 weeks after starting) there are far fewer working there.
job cuts in a company whose sole purpose is to get the unemployed back into work.

so ask me how many jobs have they offered me.
"pat; how many jobs have you been offered?"
not a one. not even a sniff. or a do you think that this might be suitable for you type conversation.

meanwhile my jobcentre plus advisor has even given up the pretense of looking at my work search record.

staff being let go.
no jobs being offered.

i am so filled with confidence and enthusiasm right now.

the future isn't bright and sad to say i think it might just be tory blue. 

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