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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


how it works

my work programme is administered by a third party.
this is an odd situation. in order that iain duncan smith and his cabinet pals can claim that the private sector is so much better (at everything) than the public sector they have ensured that the staff at the jobcentre just tick boxes and have no real interest in me (not that they ever did).

so kicked out from the jobcentre (i only go see them in order to sign on), i am supposed to be dealt with by company a. company a appear to have taken on a great number of jobseekers which is why they have passed me on to company b.
company a sends me out a letter telling me when i am supposed to attend compnay b.
company b are supposed to help me find work.
company b have used two other companies in order to give me some additional tools to find work - mostly these have been pointers over cv and interview techniques. these could have been done in a couple of days rather than the two weeks that it took.

anyway i have to report to company b twice a week to conduct a job search.
not a problem. gets me out of the flat.
only it is a problem because there are a whole bunch of other people who have to come in an conduct a job search which wouldn't be an issue if company b had enough computers to go around, or even if all their computers worked and connected to the internet. (today i discovered that one of them didn't connect to the internet because they hadn't plugged in the modem cable). so more people than they have computers.
don't worry they have a fix for that.

i am supposed to be there from 9am to 3.30pm.
i get there a bit after 9am, sign the register and find the computer that woks and sit down and do a job search. a few hours later i sign the register another three times and leave. as have most of the other people who were supposed to be there all day.
lots of computers are now free.

i am assigned an advisor to help me.
i recently discover she has left. no word to me. no clue who my new advisor is.

this is the private sector rocking my fucking socks off.

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