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Tuesday, January 08, 2013


love is in the air

i do enjoy a cup of coffee. part of it is to do with buzz i get from the drink and part of it is the coffee shop experience.
i also like people watching, and coffee shops are great places for such activity.

there i was yesterday supping on an extra strong latte (and very tasty it was too) and reading the paper. sitting opposite me on the settee was a couple, or at least i thought that they were.  he was a long tall gangly chap who reminded me of a younger version of rob brydon. designer stubble, sprawled out but looking at the girl.
she was a small petite somali girl, short hair, happy face. very cute.
he was dressed as if he had just come from a trendy office, smart but very casual. she looked like a student: jeans and stripy top.

she was doing most of the talking (well she’s a woman) and mostly she was talking about relationships. mmm maybe this isn’t what i thought it was. quickly worked out that she has just started seeing someone and that someone isn’t the bloke sitting next to her. oh dear.

now dear reader i have been in this position. i have been that gentle and concerned ear listening and advising someone about their relationship issue. all the while wanting to say ‘look at me – i am right here and i quite fancy you’ but because you are a sensible and sensitive person you don’t.
i can see on the bloke’s face that’s exactly how he feels. his voice straining to be nice and reasonable as he contributed to the conversation. her all bubbly; him sort of restrained wondering how to answer. she’s all smiles; he’s all forced bonhomie.
you could tell it was one of those friendships that had sprung up from the realisation that he was never going to get the nod for her: never going to be a lover, so best he could be was as a friend.
today he was having a tough time being a friend.

still she was really very cute.

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