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Friday, January 04, 2013


the price of safety

you may wonder what the price of safety is. perhaps it is your insurance policy. perhaps you think you can't put a precise figure on it.

boris can. the price of safety is about to go down by 7p a week, or £3.64 a year.
boris wants to give hard pressed londoners a reduction in their council tax of 1.2%, which is 7p a week or £3.64. every saving helps. it is a shame that the 7p a week is eaten into if you decide to catch a bus (fare has risen 5p), or tube or rail (increase of between 10p-40p a journey).
boris giveth.
boris taketh.
seems to be the moral of the story.

but wait there is more.
that 7p cut works out at being close on £350 million cut from the mayor's budget. where is he going to make those savings?
remember i told you that the price of safety had decreased by 7p, well that is explained in the how. boris plans to take a huge chunk out of the budgets of both the fire and police services.

£3.64 is a large cup of coffee, mocha, with an extra shot. in the grand scheme of things it is not much. it is even less when you consider the hike in transport fares. this is just a political game for boris, he'll be able to say he kept a tax down and even cut it, even if the cut is minimal. in return for one large fancy coffee is a smaller police force and fewer fire stations.

boris keep the 7p and make sure london stays safe with adequate emergency forces cover, sure it will mean you can buy a small treat for yourself.
me i'd rather know that fire engine response times were not going to suffer all because i have a a few pennies in my pocket (though i could use the seven pennies to lay a bet on when someone sues boris for damage after a fire has broken out. at lest that way we can all be winners.

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