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Tuesday, January 01, 2013


political future

the conservatives won't see 2012 as a vintage year. their pals in coalition, the lib dems, will regard it with horror.
if it wasn't bad enough that they had to suffer through plebgate, leveson and the omnishambles of a budget the coalition has also had to suffer it's first hit single

the conservatives have also had to put up with their own backbenchers getting all kinds of frisky over things such as hunting bans, gay marriage and, of course, europe.

you almost feel a pang of sympathy for david cameron (almost).
as for nick clegg - he might as well be wearing a sign saying 'dead man walking', while liberal democrat parliamentarians have got to be wondering what their next job is going to be (don't worry too much for them i doubt if many of them will be having to worrying about the new universal credit scheme that they are helping to give to the country).

it is good that the labour party is benefiting from this, a recent poll suggests that if the results were to be mirrored at the next election they would win a majority. that is heartening news, even allowing for the fact that people respond differently in polls to the way they do at elections.

yet the real winner isn't labour, it is the united kingdon independence party (ukip), they are currently on course to becoming the country's third biggest political party and thus giving nigel farage even more media coverage and the prospect of having to be involved in the election debates between the leaders of the main parties.

that is a scary prospect. (though he would get my vote if he promised to ban piers morgan from the country).

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