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Thursday, January 10, 2013


happy 150th

so the tube system hits 150 years old. pretty amazing really.
i love the tube, i don't use it as much as i used to (finances and a little bit of walking never hurt anyone), so i get a little excited whenever i do get to ride the rails.

1863 and the first steam driven train runs from paddington to farringdon street.

since then many more stations have opened (and closed) and new lines have been added - the latest being the last part of the london overground in 2012.

2013 and it is 150 years and counting.
one of the numbers to be counted is the £12 billion wanted to upgrade a few of the lines (piccadilly and bakerloo). for the moment we are all looking forward to crossrail being finished and the introduction of some new rolling stock.

other things to look forward to in 2012: bob crow calling his members out on strike; borish johnson wiff waffing on about driverless trains and boris telling us how we are getting a fantastic service while putting the price up again.

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