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Monday, August 06, 2012


it is silly to try to talk of who is the winner of the london 2012 olympics and not just because the games have yet to finish.

there are over 10,000 competitors at the london olympics. the vast majority of them will be going home without a medal – but that doesn’t make them losers. some of them will be making history by just competing. others will break records; others will struggle against all odds, while a glorious few will stand on high clutching their prized gold medal.
so just who will be the winner of these london 2012 olympics games? michael phelps has become the winningest olympian of all time. maybe jess ennis who was the face of the games and withstood the pressure to bring home the gold? it could be the saudi women competitors for just being there. maybe usain bolt will do his unprecedented double triple?

just who will be crowned the king of the games?

i can tell you now.

he isn’t even an olympian. he is a politician. step forward boris johnson – the man who has made these games his own. the olympic games have been turned into one very large and successful job application for the leadership of the tory party and to be a future prime minster.
not even being stuck dangling on a zip wire can dent him.
the olympics have sprinkled pixie dust all around him.
that boris is being touted as a potential, and serious, contender for the tory leadership is perhaps the one thing we can criticise the olympics for. it is a very serious charge that all the gold medals for team gb is not going to hide.

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