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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


i went.
i watched.
i walked.

the sport may not have been top notch but i have to say i was pretty impressed with the olympic park.
i enjoyed a long wander around the place.
mingling with masses of happy people who like me just wanted to drink up the atmosphere of being there.

for all the talk of the security measures it wasn't that much of a hassle to get into the park (though i am still bemused about the water ban - oh hold on a bottle of coke £2.30 - bemusement gone). the security staff were efficient, friendly and chatty - i guess for some of them dealing with a few irate sports fans is a walk in the (olympic) park compared with dealing with war zones.

considering how many squaddies there are supposed to be on site - i didn't see too many. there were a fair few armed police around the place, but i confess i have never gotten used to seeing the british police armed. most of the police and soldiers in the park were busy helping people or posing with them.


yet the one things that stood out for me was the olympic volunteers. thousands of them there. helpful and smiling. their reward no more than being able to say they were part of it, that they helped make the games a success. unlike the competitors they won't be able to turn london 2012 into a potential cash cow. nor will they be able to turn it into another lucrative job, like seb will do. for them it will be just a great story to tell their friends (who will no doubt be sick of hearing about it by christmas).

the volunteers are the stars of the show.
they all deserve a medal and praise.

i tip my hat to them.

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