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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


there are two givens for late summer period.

that there will be a hoohah over the gcse results - lots of talk about how they are dumbing down blah blah (all by people who would never admit that their results were because of weak exams when they took them) and nor is it ever the independent sector that has been dumbing down - although they always seem to get fantastic results.
that a* from a comprehensive is always going to be a bit dubious, while get it from a private school and well it is backed by the huge fees you pay so it must be ok.

(the cynic in me says that part of this move complaining about the constant and consistent high grades is orchestrated by some of the private schools because it must be hard to justify that large fee when little wayne down the road is getting a*s as well).

the other thing you can rely on is the spate of energy companies who begin to announce how they are having to put their prices up because the wholesale price of fuel has risen once again.
coincidentally this rise comes at the time when most people are going to have to use more electricity and more gas to light and heat their homes.

whoever is doing their buying is obviously choosing the wrong time of year to lay in supplies.
you just wish they would get someone in who would do the negotiations and buying during the summer when fewer people need energy so that they can buy it cheaper.

not that i am suggesting that the energy companies might actually be taking the piss out of us all.
not that i am suggesting that they never seem to be able to lower the prices as much as they put them up.
not that i am suggesting that the whole competition in the energy market is little more than smoke and mirrors and that while we may have choice (the small god of all devoted conservatives) it isn't real choice it is just the choice between them putting it up quite a lot or putting it up a lot. not really that much of a choice.

still come spring they will drop the prices by a few percent less than they increased it in october.
so that will be nice of them.

funny thing is they will still all make big fat as fuck profits.

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