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Thursday, October 20, 2016


just recently i had an accident with my little laptop. i am going through a phase of not sleeping very well but being able to drop off to sleep anywhere and without much warning.
see that fat hairy guy in pret a manger snoring? probably me.
see that fat hairy guy on the train snoring? probably me.
see the fat hairy guy on the tube..
well you get the picture.

there is no transition. i am awake. i am asleep. bosh.

this is not a good situation when you have a laptop in your hands. bang.
laptop dented and cracked. but still working.
good for you hp computers.
this is not a good situation when you have cup of coffee in your hand while next to your laptop. splish splosh.
laptop covered in lukewarm latte. still working.

well it was working and then it wasn't. well some of it works and some of it doesn't - about half the keyboard is buggered. not much good when what you want to do is type. not much use when you need to type your password to get on the darned thing.
strangely over a few days the parts of the keyboard that don't work have moved.

oh well time to get a new laptop.
long and short of it is i have a new laptop.
new laptop means new problems.
i can't remember any of my passwords. used to be so simple when they were all a variation on my favourite bruce willis film (no not that one - that is the greatest film of all time). stupidly i heeded the warnings of simple easy to remember password used multiple times: so i changed them all and made them 'secure'.
cleverly i sent them to myself on email so i could access them at a later date - just in case i forgot them or hadn't used a site for a long time. see i can be smart when i have to.

of course it shouldn't have been a problem - other than the fact of my recent fall from grace has meant that i don't have access to my desk top computer and a nifty little notepad in which i had written down several of the more important passwords. added to that all my passwords were saved by the relevant sites.
oh you know where this is going.

so i try to sign into a website with what i thought was the password. didn't work. no luck. tough titty.
no worries that password will be in my hotmail account.
off to the hotmail site - go to log in and what do you know? shit i have forgotten my password. how? i've been typing that password on and off for years, but now....

funny enough the one password i could find was for blogger.
i use it.
get told that this is unusual activity on my account and so i need to confirm my identity by (oh you guessed it) by replying to an email sent to my email account. i think the technical term is: shit.

as fate would have it i also worked out my log in for flickr. get the same result. now two sites rest on my remembering the password to the hotmail account. no pressure then.

(as an aside - both of these sites (and i am sure i will have a similiar problem when i work out my twitter password) are social media style sites, the sort of site you might wish to access from anywhere that has access to the internet, rather than be tied to the home desk environment - that after all is what adds the social benefit to social media. turns out that view is just a tad naive.

the next few days are spent trying to get hotmail to work. i remember the password, sort of, so i begin to work through variations of it (cursing, as i go, the fact that i can't locate the notebook that has it written down in - because i know i have it close to hand, somewhere (my new situation means i have stuff all over place).
first attempt fail.
second attempt fail
third, fourth,, fail, fail.
there comes a time with hotmail that it too decides there is unusual activity taking place with the account and adds in an additional layer of frustration: the catchpa. so now i don't know what i am getting wrong - the password or the catchpa or both. aaaaargh!
hunt for notebooks.
write out more variations on a password.
let muscle memory kick in.
fail. fail. fail.

after a few days i go around the sites one more time see a break in trying to crack the site meas i see if they will allow me to try again and work. lo and behold blogger is up and running and here i am.

this break/delay has thrown out my plans for my memories series - so expect a bunch of them over the next couple of days, normal service is about to be resumed.
you lucky people.

still haven't worked out the hotmail password, still working on it, maybe crack it next time.

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