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Thursday, May 01, 2014


about the most interesting that i have done for the last couple of months is sit on the bog for inordinately long periods of time. on several occasions until all feeling had disappeared from my legs and for a fleeting moment trapped on the throne (fear not kind reader all that was needed was a brisk rub and a shake or two of the foot and life restored).

pretty much the last two months or so can be written off due to a combination of flu, viral infection, mild depression and hermitic drive. not even the call of street coffee in brick lane has moved me. beyond a trip or two to well known supermarkets i have not ventured far from my shit pit.

the plan is for the rest of the year to have a little more going for it.
after all george osborne has told us we are on the way back, so i should do my bit and get me back, but not zero hours. oh like i have a choice....

so, once again, i take a metaphoric boot and apply it to my metaphoric fat arse.

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