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Thursday, May 15, 2014


aside from some spectacular and interesting dreams (but as it is a truism that other people's dreams are dull, i shan't bore you with them) the most interesting thought i have had recently has been the billy bragg movie.

there i was listening to billy singing some political songs. telling us there is power in a union, asking who is going to save the youth of america while keeping the red flag flying.
i sang (though that is very generous description) along and in the middle of mangling a chorus it struck me: billy bragg agent of the united nations.

billy does his tours, he sings his songs. he gets access to all parts of the world.
but once the last chord has echoed away and super troupers have been turned off billy puts away the guitar and protest songbook and becomes the dangerous and deadly agent of the u.n., and rights the wrongs and ensures that the ordinary citizen is freed from the tyranny of opression.
sometimes billy finds that words are not enough and he has to resort to violence, albeit reluctantly. a bish and bosh here and there and the enemies of freedom are laid out.

civil rights action movies. billy takes down corrupt capitalists.

i was liking the idea.
it was still lacking something.
then like a bolt.
a eureka i can move world's moment it struck me.
i had the answer of how to take this great idea and turn it into cinematic gold.
the answer was simple: danny dyer. danny fucking dyer.

danny dyer to play billy bragg deadly agent of the u.n.
and with that a great idea becomes a masterpiece, even without it ever being made.
danny fucking dyer as billy bragg - awesome. 

look i know you are sitting there open mouthed in awe and wonder (just how i was when i walked out of my first viewing of star wars  - brainblast man, brainblast).

sit back and enjoy your moment of being in the presence of genius.
this is what kicksstarter was invented for.


adam bucci said...

billy indeed

adam bucci said...

whats with billy?

Anonymous said...

Whats with billy? Well for a start, he's a talentless chanpagne socilaist tosser. I could go on.

Anonymous said...

Nonetheless, I reckon it is an idea of genius. I'll get to work on the funding.