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Thursday, August 29, 2013


with enemies like these who needs friends

been a bit of a tough time for ed miliband - this has not been a glorious summer.
his labour project seems to have stalled. just when it looks like he is making progress something goes wrong.

he hasn't been able to consistently beat cameron in the verbal jousts that are prime minister's questions. for all of that he is seen as someone who has some very good ideas - just unable to convert them into something tangible that the country can understand and rally behind.

perhaps labour's new found pacifism might just be what the doctor ordered. not that it is pacifism - more a case of once bitten twice shy and if we are going to support a war it had better be because we have all our ducks in a line and all the proof is iron clad, but not iron clad small print way that most insurance policies are - because we all know that once we need to claim on a policy they are worth less than the cheap toilet paper we use.

so labour have called for 'compelling proof'. this has meant that david cameron has had to pull back from doing his blair heir impression.
this is not a bad thing. (secretly you have to think that cameron is going to send ed a bunch of roses and a thank you note).

back when all this sort of discussion was over iraq i was supportive of regime change because it was obvious that saddam hussein was a pretty nice piece of work.
while the same can be said of bashar al-assad in syria yet this time i don't think we should go near it with the shitty end of a very long shitty stick.

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