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Thursday, August 08, 2013


the world has gone mad

several months back i was reading an article about a plan to tow icebergs from the arctic and use them to irrigate various desert lands. it all sounded plausible. it all sounded exciting.
the one stumbling block to the whole thing was the cost. to test whether or not it was feasible the bod in charge thought it might cost £10 million.
that seems like a lot of money.
in the great scheme of things it is just a (ahem) drop in the ocean, especially when you consider that footballers are sold for more than that every transfer window. or when you consider how much qatar are prepared to spend in order to host the world cup.

i was reminded of this when i saw the story of the parking space in hyde park gardens. i do hope that the story is a hoax and that like everyone else (well the beeb) i have fallen for it.
(by the way and as an aside have you seen the hyde park one development - the luxury super flats? crikey but they are as ugly as sin. the only people who could love them are those who have so much money they don't care what anyone thinks)

so a parking space is up for sale.
a 91-year lease, that's ok then.
it is worth that much because parking is at a premium in that area.

given the location is close to several tube stations and bus routes you could argue that there is no need for parking.
the rich are not like the rest of us and so would never travel on public transport.
at £300,000 it is probably cheaper to just get a taxi every time you wanted to go somewhere.

it is nice to know that there is someone who has that much spare cash to park their car. i am sure some of that money will trickle down into the local economy and help fuel the recovery. though i am not sure just how well that trickle down theory of the rich spending money and the rest of us benefiting from their crumbs is actually holding up.

£300k is a lot of cash to most of us. instead of doing something useful and interesting with it someone is going to spend it in order to park their flash car.
if ever there was a sign that the world is going mad that has to be it. 

can't help hoping it gets clamped.

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