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Monday, March 12, 2012


there is something wonderful about a good voice. of course what makes a good voice for me, may not be the same for some one else. i have not been blessed with a good speaking voice, which is annoying as there are times when i just won't shut up. my enjoyment of people's voices is probably one reason why i am more of a fan of radio than i am of tv. almost as important as the voice is the sound of laughter. i love a good laugh. a good voice can calm, assure and inform. a good laugh is infectious and just brings joy and happiness. i was in a pub, sitting quietly waiting for the burlesque show to start (by the end of the evening i would wonder why i bothered but that is another story), i had gotten there early (which is very unusual for me) and i had plonked myself down at an empty table away from where most of the punters were - they were busy watching the footie on the tv. for a while i read a book and enjoyed the soundtrack of sleaze rock that accompanied the evening. a young lady sat at the table near me. nice legs. she was joined by a couple. they chitted and chatted. i wasn't paying much attention, but as they drank their voice got louder. well when i say their voices i mean his voice. the bloke, who was with two lovely ladies, dominated the conversation, his voice a loud annoying nasal whine, that in itself was bad enough. the ladies couldn't be heard, he could. so there were moments of quiet as he listened to them and then a burst of static white noise as he contributed. another drink and then the laughing started. he had sharp short constipated pig grunt of a laugh. its brevity its saving grace. or it would have been but for the fact he used it at any opportunity. so at every utterance from the women there was an exhalation of laughter. whenever he finished he blurted out a laugh. it became a machine report of grunting, each one devoid of humour or warmth expected from laughter. how i wished the three of them had been more interested in their smartphones than in conversation with each other. guess i am getting less tolerant as i get older. to make matters worse the burlesque was shit.

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