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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


sometimes having a quiet cup of coffee you get to hear some odd things. today as i quaffed my strong latte i couldn't help overhear (and it is not like i want to be earwigging it is just people seem to have forgotten how to speak in low tones - i blame mobile phones)a couple chatting about their festival plans. they were both arty types. they were discussing the works they were going to be putting on at forthcoming cultural festivals. they talked about works they had seen that they liked (the play where the actors were on the shelves of cupboards did sound interesting), they talked of places they were going to put shows on. it was all very interesting. then the bit that made me scratch my head. they were talking about films, i think part of the show they were discussing was going to involve clips from movies. they talked about the list of possible films that they could use and there seemed to be a bit of a problem for them because 'yeah i looked at the list and they all seemed to be very old movies including tim burton's 'alice in wonderland' now i know that the internet has speeded up our lives. smart phones mean we are always in contact, ever on the go. but still a movie that has only just been out for two years is hardly old. or is it - have we now moved to the point of instant gratification so that once something is done it is old? i just kept on drinking my coffee and tried my best to tune them out.

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