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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


some pictures from around and about.

this graffitti appears in vyner street - one of the east end's centres of art excellence. loads of art establishments down here. some show good stuff some show bad stuff. as yet it is not as densely packed as the chelsea art district in new york, but much easier for me to get to.
(a version of it also appears near the truman brewery and has been shown on here in a previous post).

this stairwell is part of the truman brewery complex (and not the one that has the, now, infamous warning about shep in it). as an arty pic it needs some more work done to it. this is the brewery my dad used to get his beer from when he ran pubs in the area. i feel a certain amount of happiness knowing that years later i am still visitng it to see art (it is the same feeling i have when i go and sit in coffee@ knowing 43 years of so ago i was a shitty squealing baby there..)

it is the sky, as taken with the new lens.

enjoy them all.

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