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Monday, July 24, 2006


eldrick "tiger" woods has once again demonstrated that he is one of the greatest there is (and has been) at his chosen sport. you can only sit back in awe at his ability.
i am pretty sure that there will be arguments aplenty as to why he is so good: is it nature or is it nurture? or some finely balanced selection of both.

i am probably not breaking new ground here when i say i don't think natural talent has a huge amount to play in all of this. i think most of the reason why some sportsmen are so much better than others is that they have huge resorvoirs of mental toughness and belief. they have worked harder than the rest at perfecting their game. they have a focus that means that not only do they know where they are going, they know how to get there even if they get lost.

tiger woods and those like him probably would have succeeded at whatever they had chosen to do whether it was sport, law, science, medicine or even writing blogs....

but i do have a theory about tiger that has helped him to the position he is in right now.
i believe his father played a huge part.... yeah i know this is not news. the reason i think that earl was instrumental isn't because he was a mentor to tiger, or that he coached him, or that he supported him. no earl was a fan of johnny cash and decided that perhaps sue was a name too far, so choose eldrick instead. i suspect tiger was more than happy to accept the family nickname and decided that with such a nickname he had better live up to it in some way.

and i think eldrick "tiger" woods has done himself and his parents proud. not many of us can say that.

(some digression points: tiger seems to have won many more fans and plaudits for crying at the end of winning the open , the crying showed that in light of his fathers death he was human. to me it seems bizarre we should celebrate the fact that tiger showed emotion at the end, rather than celebrate his ability to be able to perform at his best even though he had suffered a great personal loss.

radio 5 was talking to an asian golfer who was running golf clubs in bradford and leeds for asian youth, he wanted more support for this. while it was never fully explained just why asian youth should be supported in such a way, rather than it should be a programme designed to encourage inner city youth. nor was it explain why asian youth would want to play golf? lets be honest no matter how glamourous a few people like tiger woods make it - it is a dull sport....)


ems said...

You'll be promoting Persil's Be My Coach Campaign next. Saw an advert for it the other day - why do sports stars (Steven Gerrard) always sound like total twats in adverts? - mum and dad should coach the kids in a sport.

pat said...

but mums and dads can be dangerous pushy people.

sportstars as twats - a whole other blog....