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Friday, July 21, 2006


ok the joke has stopped being funny. alright i know it is summer but this is just taking the piss it is far too hot. it is not funny any more. i am stuck in my flat, hatching the fan and i can tell you it is not make a bit of a difference. i am baking, i am stewing, i am boiling, i am broiled. i am fucking hot....
bring the winter on and bring it on now.

some other bits:
tescos is still not doing cheese and pickle sarnies. why? i don't know why the king of sandwiches can't be found in supermarkets up and down the country. but i know it shows a deriliction of their duty.

it seems that everyone's favourite tory mp, boris, has been stirring it up by reporting an exchange he had with ali c about when tony is going to leave office (a year and a bit). gordon brown must be in a tizzy about it. up until recently i would have been sympathetic but since he called his latest kid james, i have to wonder about him. (why do parents go out their way to lumber children with inappropriate names?)

meanwhile another scot is having some issues with the newspapers, tommy sheridan of the scottish socialist party is fighting a civil case because the news of the world claims he slept with other women behind his wife's back. i hope he takes them for every penny he can.
he says one of the reasons that this has occurred is that there is a battle for the heart and soul of the scottish socialist party. oddly one of the reasons why i believe socialist parties will never do very well in the uk is that they can never really unite because sooner or later someone is going to refer back to a text by marx, lenin or trotsky and that just causes them to argue and spilit up.
(i was once told a story about sheridan where he was explaining to my pal 3g that part of their (scottish socialist) pay went to the poor. apparently the gorgeous one was keen on that so never joined them. it is one of those stories that even if it isn't true you still want to believe it.

did i tell you it is hot.

i saw something the other day and thought i could collect those. but i am not telling you what it was, i will reveal all in a blog on collecting.

apparently tiger woods is awesome, because he leads the golf open by 1 shot. obviously it is a new definition of awesome.

too hot have to go and sit in a bath of cold water.


adam said...

its 112 here

adam said...

cheese and pickle sarnie, the king of sandwiches????

its 10:22am here and its 99F