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Saturday, June 17, 2006


now i may have mentioned i don't watch tv (alrhough this is a bit of dancing on the head of pin type thing as i do watch the television set but i am only watched stuff that has been recorded), so i am a probably not the right person to speak about how the bbc spends it's license fee (not because i don't watch tv, but because i am not paying a licsense fee..._
but hey ho lets go and write about it anyway.
it is claimed the bbc is paying jonathon ross £6 million a year for the next three years. "wossy" seems to be an affable chap, he likes comics and he makes lewd jokes (so the only differences between me and him then is: he is funny and gets paid sheds load more than i will ever get paid). i can't quite see why you would pay someone that amount of money for doing nothing more than interviewing people.
the only reason to pay him that sort of money is to tap into his celebrity and therefore drag people to sit in front of the tv to watch him, which if the bbc was a commercial broadcaster you could understand, but the bbc doesn't have to get bums on sears in order to get advertisers to spend money with them. the bbc is paid by the license fee. so rather than providing overpriced entertainers with an easy payday they should be provifing a range of programming to appeal to the various audiences in teh country.
the price of having ross on the bbc team is similiar to the cost of increasing the bbc's world service in the middle east from 12 to 24 hours.

the growth of celebrity seems to just continue. warhol's 15 minutes of fame is soon going to be turned on it's head and we will be talking of our 15 minutes away from fame (i say this knowing that someone has put me up for a tv reality style programme...) many months ago prince charles got pilloried because he said too many of todays youth were expecting to be getting fame but without having to pay their dues, that all that was need was to be "discovered" and everything would be ticketyboo!
while i can see where charlie was coming from (though ironic that someone whose position is hereditary would be talking about people wanting it given to them...) you can also see where the kids are coming from because with the advent of reality tv there has been a proliferation of talentless no hopers who have become celebrites.

so maybe compared with jade wossy is worth the dosh....

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Che-Jay said...

Ah I recall Wossy when we went into that comic shop that time, he recognised me straight away too and its a good thing he doesn't blame me about being Jane Goldman's ex (thats his voluptuous wife)

Admit it Pat, everytime we are out and about in London we see some of my celeb friends.