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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


gah! bah! gak! urgh!
i am not a morning person and i am not a morning person who wants to be around others.
but i am trying to change my lifestyle so that i am at least getting into work on time, if not early.
this means going to bed earlier than normal for me (but then 2am was always a stupid time to stay up to!)it also means leaving work early (no bad thing), which should mean i get up at a reasonable hour.

it’s a plan, but i am not liking it.
expect to start seeing some interesting morning photos.
(this assumes i can keep this up.)


Che-Jay said...

Fear not, my blog has provided all with a guiding light and infinite wisdom!

pat said...

then things are worse than i thought.
but like superman i have returned to save the day!