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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


the saturday trip also included some other interesting experiences and photos.
while there were few people on the streets the joy of almost having london all to myself was ruined by the heat, lucky for you dear reader i have not gone on too much about how i hate the summer, but there is time yet for that!

so from this walking around town seeing art here are some pictures.
one of the pictures you won't see (because i didn't get it) was of a young lady who walked past me her slight skimpy summer dress dancing happily as she clipped and clopped along. each flick of the dress revealing lovely pert bottom cheeks.
as i thought about taking a picture of such a gorgeous sight i heard a voice behind me asking if i was taking photos for "east end life" (a local free newspaper), no i am not i answered the youg asian youth, with an eye on the lovely receding bottom. he asked if i could take a picture of him. i did.
it's not a bad photo (i shan't be showing it here) but not as good as the one of the bottom could have been......
(i am incredibly curious to know whether or not she knew she was flashing...)

anyway enjoy these pictures from the day england won their opening game of the world cup, but in doing so earned the scorn of many fans.


ems said...


Obviously my sister would have spoilt your fun by asking her if she knew she was showing her backside off...(remember Brick Lane?).

pat said...

in my defense i did actually encourage your sister to tell the woman that her arse was showing.

Shep said...

OK I'm confused...Ems sister flashed her bum? Or Ems flashed her bum at her sister?

It's all very Carry On...

Che-Jay said...

Have you tried the website on the photo for fashion crime, you may be able to get help and advice.